Episode 3: Waking Up To A Bad Dream


Scene: Waking up
Your blurry eyes come into focus. Asleep for months on your journey to Poseidon, your body is struggling to find balance – actually, it’s not you. The ship it self is warbling off axis like a tilt-a-wheel at a carnival ride.

You find yourself in your stasis pod struggling to breathe; the air seems thin.

You hear a siren ringing out and red lights flicking on and off. Your pod cover releases and breaks it seal with a “whoosh”.

Scene: Looking about
“Where’s the pilot?”

Your pod seems to be the only one that has opened, but it’s clear you weren’t the only one awake. Several miners appear slumped over in their pods; their hatches having failed to open. The pod hatch next to you is cracked inside; the occupant fought hard to free himself.

It’s Barsley. His features are grotesque and swollen. His tongue is protruding from his mouth and blood drips from his nose. His pale, bluish skin tells the tale all to well; he asphyxiated in his panic to free himself.

Next to his pod yThis scene is described in the GM Only sectionou finally see the source of trouble. A large portion of the ship has been crushed in and there is a small tear in the hull that has been welded. It appears there has been a collision.

Scene: Rescue Survivors?

You hear kicking coming from another pod. A large black man is furiously trying to kick his hatch open.

Scene: Righting the ship …

HS: “CMS Harimoto, this is Harmony Station. Your ship is beaconing a distress call. Please advise us of your condition. Do you require assistance?”

HS: “Where is your pilot …?”

HS: ""Telemetry on your beacon shows your rear aft thruster firing intermittently. The only reason you’re not rolling over is the your nav box is compensating by cross firing other thrusters to maintain your stability. That’s the wobble you’re feeling right now."

HS: “You are approximately 75,000 km from port right now you will miss the rendezvous on this orbit unless we get you to stabilize that thruster and pilot the ship home. I’m dispatching 2 crane ships to intercept and assist. For the next few hours, I’m your lifeline. I’m going to help you stabilize and pilot this ship. It’s not hard and you don’t have anything to run in to so don’t be nervous.”

Episode 3: Waking Up To A Bad Dream

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